The Greenhouse

Nurturing & Supporting Young influencers & Innovators for Social Justice in Africa

Leadership for Results

Engaging & Coaching African Leaders on Organisation Development

Learning from Our Leaders

Drawing on What Works & Learning from What Doesn’t

Consulting Services

Organization Development; Coaching & Learning; Facilitating Convenings; Strategy Development; Programme Reviews & Evaluation

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We develop more effective, accountable and socially responsive institutions in Africa. Our commitment to support our clients to explore and identify context appropriate solutions for greater impact is at the heart of all our interventions.

Our Story


Akijul seeks to facilitate meaningful change in individuals, organizations, and institutions through exploring new ideas and ways of working, challenging norms and stereotypes that hamper excellence, and by demonstrating consistent commitment to our clients’ success.

Our Core Values

Meet Ashanut

Ashanut, our Managing Director is a Lawyer and Development Practitioner with close to twenty years’ experience of supporting interventions that promote human rights, governance, gender equality, and institutional/organizational strengthening in Africa. Ashanut has both a sound understanding of the content of human rights and social justice issues, and the skills to facilitate interventions that lead to growing consciousness, challenge perspectives and enables individuals and organizations that enable organizations/institutions function better. Ashanut has worked with National CSOs, UN Agencies, International development agencies, UN agencies, the World Bank and Government Agencies in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Burundi, Senegal, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone, Somaliland, South Sudan, and Nigeria.


Developing & Nurturing more Effective and Socially Responsive Leaders and Institutions in Africa.