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Who We Are?

AKIJUL is a firm that provides consultancy services geared towards enabling the development of individuals, organisations and communities. The word AKIJUL is a derivative from the Ateso word Akijulakini, which means “to change”. The name AKIJUL, captures the firm’s purpose; to enable and facilitate change, which change we consider to be synonymous with development.

Meaningful and sustainable development cannot be forced or imposed. For meaningful development and change to occur, individuals and organizations need to be facilitated and guided through interventions that ultimately enable them to make informed and conscious decisions on where they would like to go (in their development), and how. Therefore, in addition to ensuring that clients are able to attain the outcomes they seek, AKIJUL also emphasizes the need to get the process right.

That is why we use approaches and methods that enable us create greater consciousness amongest our clients. We mainly work with the wisdom of the situation, unearthing the potential and building on best practices to resolve organizational issues, assess and develop strategic programmes, and enable individuals in the organizations to be the best they can be.

Pamela A. Okille, Our Founder

Pamela is a Development practitioner with special interest in Governance, Human Rights and Organisational Development. Currently the managing partner of AKIJUL (Enabling Change), her key strengths and skills lie in her ability to facilitate processes in a way that leads to growing consciousness, challenges perspectives and enables individuals and organizations to draw on the best of themselves for their development. In addition to being a process facilitator, Ashanut has a solid grasp of ‘content’ in her areas of competence and has demonstrated capacity in research and analysis.

Drawing on experience of working at local, national and international level, and using various tools/approaches including the Rights Based Approach to Development (RBA), Gender Analysis, Appreciative Inquiry, Results Based Management, and Adult learning methodologies, Ashanut is capable of: Facilitating the development of Programmes; Conducting Programme Reviews/Assessments; Facilitating Organisational Development processes including diagnosis and the required follow up interventions e.g. team building, leadership training, and strategic planning; Carrying out Research and Policy Analysis.

Ashanut holds an LL.B from Makerere University, Kampala, and an LL.M from the University of Victoria, New Zealand and has attended training courses in Gender, Human rights and Organisational Development.

Email: ashanut@akijul.org

Our Consultants 


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