About Akijul

Who We Are

Akijul (Enabling Change) develops more effective, accountable and socially responsive institutions in Africa.

Our commitment to support our clients to explore and identify context appropriate solutions for greater impact is at the heart of all our interventions.

Our core strength is our team of African consultants who combine national, regional, continental and international expertise, hence providing proximity to context and diverse insights in all our work.

P. Ashanut Okille

Ashanut is a lawyer, an Organisation Development (OD) practitioner and a consultant in socio-economic development. With close to 20 years’ experience, Ashanut is the founder of Akijul (Enabling Change), and draws on core OD tools and principles, as well as her skills as an Executive Coach to carry out and/or facilitate various interventions that promote human rights, governance, gender equality, and institutional/organizational strengthening in Africa. Read more

Our Consultants


Business Lawyer

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What Makes Akijul Different

As captured by our name – Akijul, we seek to facilitate meaningful change in individuals, organizations, and institutions through exploring new ideas and ways of working, challenging norms and stereotypes that hamper excellence, and by demonstrating consistent commitment to our clients’ success. We are guided by the following core values;

  • Constantly exploring various perspectives, investing in testing and experimenting new ideas as well as promoting learning amongst our clients and ourselves. This consistent emphasis on learning enables us to develop interventions that are appropriate, practical and effective for unique client needs.

Let our dedicated consultants help you achieve extraordinary outcomes.