Our Capabilities

25 years experience

That clients’ success determines our own. So we ensure both by clients’ success determines our collaborating.

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Our Services

Programme Development, Review and Evaluation

Under this core area, AKIJUL has been involved in the development and evaluation of programmes that address Human rights, Governance, HIV/AIDS, Agriculture, Micro-finance, among others

Organisation & Institutional Development

Under this thematic area, AKIJUL facilitates OD and Institutional Development (ID) processes, and any follow up interventions that may be required after diagnosis

Facilitative Practice for Improved Performance & Effectiveness

Under this area, AKIJUL provides facilitation for workshops, meetings and strategic thinking and/or planning processes. AKIJUL also provides training and coaching in facilitation, in addition to specific coaching in facilitative leadership

Conference Rapportuering

AKIJUL also provides Rapportuering services. The issues covered and format of the reports are tailored to meet the specific needs of each client.





Detailed Planning

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Fight for Justice

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