Developing Institutions

Consulting Services to Develop Stronger and more Socially Responsive Institutions

Organization development and change management processes that enable our clients to better understand and articulate their development needs, and identify appropriate and sustainable solutions to address growth areas.

Coaching program/project teams for effective performance: Addressing a critical need to provide technical and coaching support to enable relevant staff to develop critical thinking skills, strengthen their capacity for research and analysis, develop knowledge products, hone their presentation and writing skills, and manage their workload more efficiently.

Facilitating convenings and/or conversations: Enabling organizations explore various ideas and get to the core of any issues that require resolution and/or action by creating safe spaces where teams can hold critical discussions, express themselves openly and tackle issues in a clear-eyed and often structured framework.

Strategy development and program design: Promoting results-oriented programs by supporting strategy and program design processes that involve research, reflection and learning. We facilitate strategic thinking processes that challenge organizations to clearly articulate their purpose, identify core issues and find innovative, creative, equitable and appropriate solutions to the challenges they tackle.

Program/Institutional reviews, evaluations and learning: We facilitate learning and promote conscious development of organizations through research, reviews and evaluation processes that are structured for learning by the individuals and organizations involved.