Nurturing Innovators

The Akijul Green House: Nurturing and Developing the Next Generation of Innovators and Influencers for Social justice

The Akijul Green House is a Fellowship program for selected innovators and influencers to grow and develop in a stimulating and nurturing environment. In the Green House, they will be encouraged to explore various ideas, be challenged about their existing assumptions and be exposed to new skills, knowledge and individuals who will inspire them.

The idea for the Green House emerged from our work in various parts of the continent, where we have come across a number of young people who want to contribute to social justice and development. However, whilst they have the ideas and dreams, what they need is an opportunity to refine their ideas, expand their network, and grow the self-confidence required to lead effectively.

The Green House provides this opportunity through a 6 -month programme that provides hands-on experience for young influencers and/or innovators to work on various aspects of social justice and development through participating in Akijul assignments. The Fellowship also has a component where the fellows regularly meet with mentors who are experts in their fields of interest. In addition, to working on Akijul assignments, each Fellow will be supported to design their own project/innovation with a clearly articulated vision, structure, strategy and identify sustainable ways of implementation that draw on existing resources. It is expected that when the fellows return to their communities, they will be able to inspire others, and in that way, ‘pay it forward’.