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The Akijul Story

In 2004, I participated in the Facilitating Organisation Development (FOD) programme that is run by the East Africa Support Unit for NGOs (EASUN). The training gave me an understanding of what it means to be a Development Practitioner. Someone who facilitates the learning and development of organisations and individuals, whilst also learning and developing in the process. Determined to put my training, knowledge and skills to use, I set up Akijul (Enabling Change) in 2007. The name Akijul is from the Iteso word “akijulakin’- meaning to change. The name was chosen deliberately to capture what we do, enable change in its various forms, but ultimatley change that will help institutions and individuals perform better.

Our initial interventions were largely facilitating workshops and various meetings for non-profits in the East Africa region. Over the years we have expanded our scope to include reviews and evaluations, organisation capacity assessments and follow on interventions to address various organisation needs, development of training materials, policy development and various forms of research. Our client base has also grown and covers various national NGOs, international NGOs, UN agencies and Government agencies in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Burundi, Senegal, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone, Somaliland, South Sudan, and Nigeria. All our interventions are guided by values and principles of organisation development, ultimately aiming to facilitate processes in ways that challenge perspectives, stretch individuals and organisations, and encourage them to draw on the best of themselves in order to have greater impact.

Over the years, we have gained insights on issues that influence the performance of organisations in the non-profit, public and private sector. A key theme that consistently reverberates is the need for effective leadership, that is engaging and yet firm, that is inspiring and yet provides practical support. Leadership that is empowering. Therefore, in addition to consulting services, Akijul will also offer two programmes: (i) The “Integrated Leadership and Practice for Results” (ILPR) programme -A blended learning programme that places emphasis on leaders learning from actual practice, focusing on attaining organisation/company results while benefiting from and facilitating cross-sectoral learning. (ii) The Akijul Green House, a 6 -month Fellowship program for selected young innovators and influencers to grow and develop in a stimulating and nurturing environment.

Our journey continues… do let us know if you would like to be part of it.


Akijul Story